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Can you buy a house on Dale Hollow Lake?

Can you buy a house on Dale Hollow Lake?

There are typically between one and seven homes available in this area at any given time. Homes for sale near Dale Hollow Lake can range between $50k and $600k approximately, creating a total market value of around $1.5 million.

Can you have a private dock on Dale Hollow Lake?

There are restrictions on private boat docks and removal of trees from the shoreline to maintain its pristine, natural beauty. With boating traffic rated as low to moderate, you can see why so many people describe the natural beauty of Dale Hollow Lake as “breathtaking.” And when you see it, you will feel the same.

How big is Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee?

111.4 km²
Dale Hollow Reservoir/Area

What city is Dale Hollow Lake in?

The dam, power plant and reservoir are currently operated by the Nashville District of the Corps. The creation of the reservoir resulted in the submerging of a town named Willow Grove. In 1942, the town was purchased by the government in order to create the reservoir.

Is Dale Hollow Lake clean?

Considered one of the cleanest lakes in the United States, Dale Hollow Lake attracts millions of visitors per year and offers a great variety of water activities, including fishing tournaments, houseboating, boating, floating, skiing, kayaking and much more.

Are there catfish in Dale Hollow Lake?

Dale Hollow Lake has plenty of catfish in it and many anglers do target them. Because it is such a clear and deep lake, many anglers will fish deeper than they normally do for catfish here. Big schools of catfish will often suspend out over deeper water here as well and many anglers do not even fish for them.

Who owns Dale Hollow Lake?

the Nashville District of the Corps
The dam, powerplant and reservoir are currently operated by the Nashville District of the Corps. Over the years, Corps personnel have found the water of Dale Hollow lake to be relatively free of sanitary and chemical impurities – making it one of the finest in water quality in the Cumberland basin.

Is there a town under Dale Hollow Lake?

Not unlike the fabled city of Atlantis, the old town of Willow Grove, Tennessee, is now under a lavish blanket of water. The murky depths of Dale Hollow Lake still house the shadowy foundations of what was once a beautiful and thriving valley town.

Is Dale Hollow or Lake Cumberland bigger?

Lake Cumberland boasts an impressive 50,250 acres and 1,255 miles of winding shoreline at its normal full pool level of 723 feet above sea level. Dale Hollow Lake, straddling the Kentucky-Tennessee border, is an artificial lake that was formed by damming the Obey and Cumberland Rivers.

How many people have drowned in Dale Hollow?

138 drownings
Since construction, Dale Hollow has had 138 drownings, of those none were wearing their life jackets. Join the campaign to wear your life jacket, learn to swim, and practice water safety so that we never again have to change these numbers! The offer of loaning free life jackets is a business decision by each marina.

What is the closest city to Dale Hollow Lake?

The closest is Dale Hollow Regional Airport near Albany, KY. This facility can handle most single-engine and some twin-engine traffic with the longest runway reported at 3,380 feet in length. Livingston Municipal Airport is a similar option, perhaps 18 miles from us.

What cities are close to Dale Hollow Lake?

Here are the ten best places on and near Dale Hollow Lake where you can stay during your vacation.

  1. On the Shores of Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee.
  2. Byrdstown, Tennessee.
  3. Free Hill, Tennessee.
  4. Celina, Tennessee.
  5. Moss, Tennessee.
  6. Allons, Tennessee.
  7. Monroe, Tennessee.
  8. Eagle Cove Road, Byrdstown, TN.

How many houses are in Dale Hollow Lake KY?

Dale Hollow Lake real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market for lake homes and land lots in the state of Kentucky. There are typically between one and seven homes available in this area at any given time.

What kind of water is Dale Hollow Lake?

Dale Hollow has ultra-clear water and is one of the cleanest lakes in the US. It was named #1 in the top 10 best housing boat lakes in North America. Dale Hollow Lake hosts water activities of all kinds.

Where is Dale Hollow Lake in Celina TN?

Information Is Believed To Be Accurate But Not Guaranteed. © 2021 MTRMLS, Inc. Dale Hollow Lake is a reservoir located 3 miles East of Celina, TN. The lake was created by the Obey River and the Cumberland River.

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