Can I put HIDs in projector headlights?

Can I put HIDs in projector headlights?

HID projectors are designed for use with D1S, D2S, or D4S bulbs. You must use the type of bulb that the projector was designed for. No, you cannot simply stick the bulb from your old HID kit in the back of a projector and expect it to fit or work well.

Is LED or HID better for projector headlights?

LED lights are up to 300% brighter than standard halogen headlights and around the same brightness level as HIDs. So LEDs are definitely bright enough to be used as projector lights. An LED headlight will have a very intense foreground beam but struggle to project further away, resulting in safety concerns.

Can you use HID in halogen projector?

Depending on if they have squirrel finders you can very well still blind people with HIDs in halogen projectors. They’re somewhere between reflectors and a proper HID projector on the glare scale.

Are projector retrofits legal?

Plain and simple, they are not legal. A headlight has been certified by DOT for on road use and as such it has the DOT stamp on it. Once you alter its use/design, it is no longer DOT compliant. that includes retrofitting projectors or even changing the bulb type.

What is projector retrofit?

Retrofit projectors are inserted into headlights to provide better light projection than factory headlights. Retrofit projectors work for reflector-based halogen lights and include LED, xenon, or bi-xenon technology. For example, retrofit projectors aim down compared to other headlights, which project light forward.

Are HIDs better than LEDS?

LED headlight bulbs are better and brighter for reflector lenses, while HIDs are better and brighter for vehicles with projector lenses. Although the science behind this is quite complex, the important thing to remember is that you get the appropriate technology for your type of headlight for the best results.

What kind of bulb do I need for a HID projector?

HID projectors are designed for use with D1S, D2S, or D4S bulbs. The overwhelming majority of projectors use D2S style bulbs. The only HID projector that doesn’t use a D-series bulb is the Morimoto Mini H1, which is designed for use with compact H1 HID bulbs.

Is it possible to retrofit a Morimoto HID projector?

Modern European cars equipped with headlights from ZKW, Bosch, and Hella are often out-shined by Morimoto HID equipped retrofits. Just remember, it’s called a retrofit for a reason. The point of retrofitting is to take a projector with desirable output characteristics and modify your housings (to what extent is up to you) to make it fit.

What do hid and LED projector modules do?

HID & LED PROJECTORS Modules to create a brighter, wider, and more controlled beam pattern. PROJECTOR SHROUDS Covers the projectors & mounting hardware for an OEM+ appearance.

Can a bi xenon projector be used with a high beam bulb?

Bi-xenon projector systems are not subject to this problem because when toggling between low and high beams – the bulb is constantly lit, does not move, get any brighter, etc. The projector creates the high beam, not the bulb. HID projectors are designed for use with D1S, D2S, or D4S bulbs.

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