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Can hippotherapy be covered by insurance?

Can hippotherapy be covered by insurance?

Hippotherapy, because it is integrated into physical, occupational, or speech therapy, is part of a one-on-one medical treatment. A doctor’s prescription is required and treatment, depending upon your insurance benefits, is generally covered by health insurance.

Does insurance cover equine therapy?

Yes. As long as you don’t see both therapists on the same day, insurance companies will cover equine therapy, as well as your traditional, office-based therapy.

Does Medicaid pay for hippotherapy?

Waiver services include center-based respite, specialized aquatic, art, and music therapies, and hippotherapy/therapeutic horseback riding among other services that are not available to all children enrolled in Medicaid. …

Does Medicare cover equine therapy?

Hippotherapy or equine therapy is a covered benefit for a member who: Has received clearance from their primary care provider. Participates in a case or disease management program. Has a diagnosis of a substance use disorder.

What is the difference between hippotherapy and equine therapy?

Equine-assisted therapy focuses on addressing mental health, with patients caring for horses in a stable setting. Hippotherapy, on the other hand, is an approach to physical therapy where the patient rides horses in order to address physical health.

How many visits does Medicare allow for physical therapy?

Appointment Limits Medicare also limits the number of Allied Health appointments you’re allowed during a 12-month period. You’re allotted five consultations per calendar year which can be divvied up between providers.

Why do they call it hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy consists of the words meaning “horse” “hippos”, and “treatment” “therapy” in ancient Greek. It is defined as equine-assisted treatment. In countries as Germany, Austria, and Sweeden which used the horse in physical therapy the term “hippotherapy” was introduced into medical literature.

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