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Can a Czech Mauser fit a Czech bayonet?

Can a Czech Mauser fit a Czech bayonet?

The Czech bayonets will fit both the VZ24 and K98 Mausers without any alteration, with or without the muzzle rings. I am not certain of the exact date that production changed from producing bayonets with muzzle rings to those without, but I would assume it was shortly after Czechoslovakia was taken over by the Germans in 1939.

What kind of rifle is a vz23 bayonet?

VZ23 With the increase in the prominence of the Czech arms industry the VZ23 bayonet was made for export with it’s Mauser rifle. Made with the Blade edge upwards as per the Austrian pattern these blades can also be found with a more normal edge down blade.

What is the year code on a Czech bayonet?

The scabbard is stamped with the Czech Military Acceptance Stamp, a Bohemian Lion with the year code for 1936., as well as CSZ indicating the Czech State Armory for manufacture. Let’s take a look at a few more photos of this unique bayonet.

What kind of bayonets did the Germans use?

Initially the Germans issued existing Czech bayonets. The Germans then had the muzzle rings ground off the captured VZ24 bayonets before issue, and then they changed the production lines to produce bayonets without the muzzle rings.

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