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Are there standard sizes for window blinds?

Are there standard sizes for window blinds?

If you’ve ever wondered what the standard size of window blinds is, the standard window length ranges from 36 to 72 inches, and the standard width ranges from 24 to 60 inches.

How much longer should your blinds be than your window?

Lastly, to make sure of the light control as well as privacy, the blinds should be at least three inches broader than the window casing, so that it overlaps the window by 1 and a half inches on each side.

What is common blind width?

Blind Slat Sizes Common slat widths are 1/2 inch, 1 inch, or 2 inches, which is the most popular width. Smaller slats look proportionate on smaller windows, and they offer a more subtle look that blends in with the surroundings.

Should blinds be flush with window?

1. Measuring window frame for accurate blinds fitting. 1) Mounting flush with the wall gives a cleaner look, as it hides the depth of the window sill itself and gives a smooth surface against your wall. We recommend this in most cases if you are mostly concerned with aesthetics.

How much smaller should blinds be than the window for inside mount?

Inside-Mounted Vertical Blinds Window should have a minimum recessed space of 2 3/8″ for inside mount. Measure the width of the window from the top of the opening to the sill in 3 places. Use the smallest dimension for the blind width. The factory will automatically deduct up to 1/4″ – 1/2″.

How much space do you need on each side of blinds? recommends at least 1.5″ of overlap on each side of the window for blinds and shades, and 2″ of overlap on each side for solar or roller shades and vertical blinds. The extra width provides more privacy and light blockage. As always, record your measurements down to the nearest 1/8 inch.

Is it OK if blinds are too long?

It’s simpler than it looks to shorten blinds. Horizontal blinds that are too long look bad, but also create a serious safety hazard for young children. Fortunately, shortening them is easy—all you need are scissors and a screwdriver.

Can I cut blinds to size?

Wood blinds or faux wood blinds can be cut down a few inches if they are too large to fit the window frame. If you do not feel comfortable cutting the window blinds yourself, you might consider hiring a professional such as a blind manufacturer or a cut down service such as

Where can I get window blinds cut down to size?

Cut Down to Size Need window blinds cut to a specific size? Simply stop by any Lowe’s store and pick the ones you want. We’ll cut them while you wait. Installation Services Let us handle the installation for you. Schedule an in-home measurement and blind and shade installation today.

How big is the slat on Walmart blinds?

The slat size varies between 1 inch and 2 1/2 inches for blinds, although some bamboo vertical blinds are very thin. © 2021 Walmart. All Rights Reserved. To ensure we are able to help you as best we can, please include your reference number: WQW9HZMMGO

What kind of blinds do you get at Lowes?

Honeycomb blinds, or cellular shades, work double duty providing a combination of window insulation and privacy. Finally, for an eco-friendly, organic look, bamboo window shades can add a unique design to your space. Cut Down to Size Need window blinds cut to a specific size? Simply stop by any Lowe’s store and pick the ones you want.

Is there a labor guarantee for window blinds?

Backed by a one- or two-year labor guarantee. Window blinds and shades are a stylish and functional addition to any home. First, they protect against sunlight that can shine through windows and damage the soft surfaces in your home.

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