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Are there any other comics related to Homestuck?

Are there any other comics related to Homestuck?

A series of Homestuck-related comics drawn in a traditional fashion. Another World: A 143 page comic made for the Hiveswap Comics Contest. A sequel to the original game, this works as a replacement for Hiveswap ACT 2. 4 Chords: A Homestuck AU (Alternate Universe) where the trolls are humans and Gamzee can’t sleep without holding a motherfucker.

When did Andrew start the Homestuck Beta comic?

The Homestuck Beta, that was started on April 10, three days prior to the now official release, was Andrew’s original attempt to start the comic, which he planned to make entirely in Flash, and drop the MS Paint -style art.

Where did the idea for Homestuck come from?

Homestuck ‘s basic premise was inspired by games like The Sims, Spore, and EarthBound. Unlike previous Adventures, Homestuck is no longer primarily driven by reader submitted commands, Andrew having taken full control of the story during Act 4. However, he admits to still drawing inspiration from the speculation and fanart of his fanbase.

When does Homestuck start in MS Paint Adventures?

Homestuck As described on the MSPA website, Homestuck is “a tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together.” Homestuck is the fourth and largest story of MS Paint Adventures, with 8,123 pages (out of 10,030 MSPA pages). It started on the 13th of April 2009 (4/13/09), 413 becoming a recurring number in-universe.

What was Jacob’s special mission in Homestuck works?

Jacob’s special mission, to become a hustler, with the assist of John Egbert, and eventually Karkat Vantas. 9 /? David can be cruel, and both of them can be stupid.

Which is the best site to host homestucks?

Also known as AO3, this website is the main modern story hosting site for Homestucks. Has a ton of features like custom CSS, which allows for Homestuck style pesterlogs.

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