Are Tanaka trimmers good?

Are Tanaka trimmers good?

Power, lightweight, easy to start, restart, quiet, smooth, little vibration, nice guard. I replaced a 4 stroke Honda with this and am so much happier with this. Honda was heavy, OK power, heavy and always oily from the crankcase oil leaking out from somewhere. Tanaka makes a great weed eater.

Where are Tanaka trimmers made?

The top line trimmers that Tanaka has made for years are still Japan made. Same with their blowers and hedge trimmers.

Who makes Tanaka trimmers?

Hitachi Power Tool Group
About Tanaka Power Equipment Tanaka Power Equipment is a Brand within the Hitachi Power Tool Group. Tanaka’s innovative product line provides landscapers, property managers and utility professionals with two-stroke commercial grade outdoor power equipment solutions.

Is Tanaka a Hitachi?

Tanaka is a fourth-generation, family-owned company, and is now primarily active in the market for two-stroke powered, handheld, outdoor power equipment, with a customer base including both domestic and trade users. Recently Tanaka has been backed financially by Hitachi Koki, but little else has changed.

Who took over Tanaka?

By 2009 Nikkio Tanaka Engineering USA Co was fully taken over by the Hitachi brand. Who has the goal of trying to create a team-based around two powerhouse Japanese power tool companies.

What is Tanaka in English?

Tanaka. Tanaka (たなか) is the fourth most common Japanese surname, written with the kanji for ricefield & middle (田中). Less common variants include many & middle (多中), many & relationship (多仲), another & middle (他中), shelf & low (棚下), shelf & summer (棚夏) and many & name & congratulation (多名賀).

In 1918, the Tanaka business was started in Japan by Takashi Tanaka who created “Tanaka Iron Works” near Tokyo, Japan.

When did Nikko Tanaka become part of Hitachi?

By January 2009, the business functions of Nikko Tanaka Engineering USA were fully absorbed as a brand within Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd’s North American division; Hitachi Koki USA Ltd (commonly referred to as Hitachi Power Tools) based out of Norcross, GA.

When did Tanaka stop making Ariens handhelds?

In 1990, a new line of Ariens brand 2-cycle handheld products (made by Tanaka) was introduced for Ariens Distributors and Dealers. In 1992, Ariens discontinued its relationship with Tanaka and ISM was established by a five long-time Tanaka employees.

When was Tanaka Kogyo

In 1978, Tanaka Kogyo (USA) Co., Ltd. was established in Kent, WA to pursue and support North American sales. In 1984, Tanaka acquired a small mail order company, Aquabug International, expanded its product offering and renamed it Sporting Edge.

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