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Are plug-in air fresheners safe to breathe?

Are plug-in air fresheners safe to breathe?

One of the primary concerns health experts have about plug-in air fresheners is their wide-spread use of phthalates. The NRDC also warns that airborne phthalates can cause allergic symptoms and asthma. Even trace amounts of phthalates can accumulate to cause these harmful side-effects.

Are airwick plugins toxic?

ONLY use for AIR WICK Air Freshener Warmers. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN CAUTION: EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT. Prolonged or frequent skin contact may cause an allergic reaction. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.

Is air freshener toxic to humans?

Swallowing air freshener can cause toxicity ranging from minor irritation of the mouth to life-threatening effects. Liquid air freshener, when swallowed in small amounts, can cause minor irritation to the mouth, nausea, and vomiting. Swallowing large amounts can cause drowsiness or intoxication.

Are plug-ins a fire hazard?

He said air fresheners that may seem harmless can turn out to be very dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said it’s rarely the case that a small plug-in device, like an air freshener or a night light, sparks a fire. It said most such fires are caused by faulty wiring in the house.

Are plug ins a fire hazard?

Is Febreze plug ins safe?

There are only two plug-ins that do not contain any phthalates, Febreze Air Effects Air freshener and Renuzit Subtle Effects; however, they still can cause harm to your outlet. According to Green Facts, “Phthalates are a group of man-made chemicals that are structurally related to the organic acid, phthalic acid.”

Are plug in room fresheners safe?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), plug-in air fresheners contain various toxic chemicals like camphor (that can cause irritation in the nose, eyes, skin and throat as well as dizziness and nausea), ethanol, (which is toxic to the gastrointestinal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems).

Is air freshener poisonous or flammable?

Health Hazards: Air fresheners are highly flammable. Air fresheners are highly irritating to eyes, skin, and throat. Solid air fresheners usually cause death if ingested by pets or people. Most of the ingredients used in air fresheners are highly toxic.

Can plug ins cause fire?

Are there any negative effects of plug in air fresheners?

The following negative effects of a plug-in air freshener will give you a fair idea about the point that I am trying to make. One of the most hazardous effects of a plug-in air freshener is that it catches fire if plugged in for a considerably long time. It can put the entire house on fire.

How does an air freshener work for cigarette smoke?

It is a quick fix to help remove cigarette smoke and other bad odors. The air freshener itself contains 16 oz. of a special blend of ingredients that can kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. This helps not only to remove odors but also prevents them. For cigarette smoke, it cannot prevent the odor, but it can absorb it.

Are there air fresheners that are safe to use?

Air fresheners are being used since ancient times, the only difference is in the devices or products used at that time and today. Ancient Egyptians used musk, sandal and other natural materials to scent their tombs. They were the safest air fresheners as they were made out of natural materials.

What kind of alcohol is in an air freshener?

Liquid air fresheners, such as plug-in refill bottles and reed diffusers, typically contain fragrances and essential oils dissolved in a solvent like isopropyl alcohol, which is also found in rubbing alcohol.

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