Are old Mardi Gras doubloons worth anything?

Are old Mardi Gras doubloons worth anything?

Older doubloons can be worth a lot of money such as the 1960 gold Krewe of Rex doubloon that Steen has in his collection. He estimates that it is worth about $150. A real silver doubloon can be worth several hundred dollars. Some Mardi Gras enthusiasts also collect krewe favors and other Mardi Gras memorabilia.

Why do people get coins for Mardi Gras?

The idea was sold. Since Sharpe was using aluminum blanks, they were larger than a silver dollar, and much lighter. This size made his coins similar to the Spanish doblón, which was gold, valued at 32 reales. Hence, the “Mardi Gras Doubloon” was born.

When did Rex introduce the doubloon?

And the krewes responded, throwing more and more—and more. Anodized aluminum coins, known as doubloons, debuted with Rex in 1960, surprising the crowds and becoming a coveted commodity.

How many pounds of beads are thrown at Mardi Gras?

25 Million Pounds
Over 25 Million Pounds: Weight of beads thrown during Mardi Gras in New Orleans each year. 266,000 Pounds: Weight of beads recycled after Mardi Gras in 2019 (2 times more than in 2018).

How much is a doubloon worth today?

The gold doubloon contains 26.66 grams of gold – slightly less than an ounce – and was worth $16 at the time, around $400 today. It was struck by New York goldsmith Ephraim Brasher, a neighbour to George Washington, and is being auctioned on behalf of coin expert Walter Perschke who bought it in 1979 for $430,000.

How much is a doubloon worth?

The doubloon (from Spanish doblón, or “double”, i.e. double escudo) was a two-escudo gold coin worth approximately $4 (four Spanish dollars) or 32 reales, and weighing 6.766 grams (0.218 troy ounce) of 22-karat gold (or 0.917 fine; hence 6.2 g fine gold).

What is a silver doubloon?

During the Golden Age of Piracy, Spain minted coins in silver and gold. Doubloon comes from the Spanish Doblón which means to double; thus a doubloon is a coin of double value. As you can see on the chart below all Spanish coins double in value as you go from the smallest to largest denomination.

How many beads are thrown annually in New Orleans?

Every year, roughly 12.5 thousand tons of Mardi Gras beads are thrown from floats. There are numerous organizations within the city of New Orleans that strive to recycle this massive amount of beads, with Arc of Greater New Orleans heading this effort.

How many pieces of 8 are in a doubloon?

Pieces of Eight!” In their quest for treasure, pirates—not just the fictional Long John Silver—were after silver and gold coins, most of which were silver Pieces of Eight and the 32-real gold doubloon.

How can you tell if a doubloon is real?

Genuine Brasher-designed 1787 doubloons should be made from gold and weigh somewhere between 406.8 and 411.5 grains (480 grains equal one Troy ounce) and should be about 30 mm in diameter (or roughly 1.18 inches).

How much is a doubloon worth in USD?

Encyclopedia American, 2002 states “the gold doubloon (8 escudos, equal in worth to $16 dollars in U.S. Money) was the standard of large monetary transactions.” ** In the American Colonies dollar was a common term used for silver coins worth approximately one ounce. Spanish Dollars were pieces of eight.

Are there any vintage Mardi Gras doubloons worth something?

Ever wondered if those vintage Mardi Gras doubloons in your closet are worth something? The Crescent City Doubloon Traders Club holds swaps where collectors trade, buy and sell doubloons and other Mardi Gras memorabilia. The club also publishes a doubloon price guide produced by its members.

How much does it cost to trade doubloons in New Orleans?

The price guide covers doubloons for all New Orleans-area krewes, even defunct krewes, he said. Members use it to provide values for trading. The doubloon swaps are open to the public. Entrance fee is $5 for non-members and free for club members.

Why are doubloons so popular as collectibles?

Doubloons are a natural collectible because they regularly commemorate the krewe and its theme in an amazing variety of colors and styles. And for the most part, they’re free to the public! It was this last fact that popularized doubloon collecting for people of all ages.

Is the doubloon swap open to the public?

The doubloon swaps are open to the public. Entrance fee is $5 for non-members and free for club members. Membership in the club is $10. “Every year, we get people who just come and look around. They’ll bring in their grandmother’s doubloon collection, and people will look at them and tell them what it’s worth,” he said.

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