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Are feather dusters good in reef tank?

Are feather dusters good in reef tank?

Whether to Buy a Featherduster Worm or Not Feather duster worms are peaceful and won’t bother anything other than the food they eat. They don’t really have any other requirements than—reef tank water parameters, a light-to-moderate current, and the food they can eat. They can even be kept in small tanks.

What are feather dusters in reef tank?

Feather Dusters are segmented worms related the notorious bristleworms that plague some aquarists. Unlike bristleworms, Feather Dusters have a feather-like “crown” which they use to filter-feed (catch small food items like plankton from the water column).

Where does the feather duster go in a tank?

Tank Placement All feather dusters are suspension feeders and should be placed near (or at) the bottom of the aquarium, where their food—suspended particulate matter—is most abundant. Substrate placement is also optimal because they construct their tubes using sand, detritus, and other bits of sediment.

Do feather dusters move around the tank?

No, not at least around the tank. They can move up and down in the tube but that is about it. Also as they make their tube larger – but that’s it.

Is a feather duster a coral?

The Feather Duster, also known as Giant Feather Duster, has a fan-shaped crown (radiole) that is tan or orange with brown band colorations. The Feather Duster is usually found in the coral rubble at the base of the reef aquarium, with some of the rubble being incorporated into its parchment-like tube.

Is my feather duster worm dead?

A healthy feather duster will display its tentacles, or crown, a majority of the time. If your feather duster does this, it is fine. Look to see if the feather duster head is inside the tube a majority of the time; if so, the worm cannot feed and will die.

How long do feather duster worms live?

The average feather duster worm lifespan ranges from 1-1.5 years.

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